About Me



Let’s see. I’m a storytelling writer. It’s one of my gifts that, through the years, I put on the shelf only to go back to it time and time again. Writing is therapeutic, informative and offers me a platform to laugh at myself and others, evolve and master the delicate art of written communication. In addition to writing, I do some other creative things: cooking from scratch, painting, DIY house projects and growing stuff.

The People

There are a few people you’ll read about in my adventures.

The Hero


It’s an old picture, but remains one of my favorites. What can I say? He is good for me and to me and I wouldn’t want to live this life with anyone else.  On top of that, his goal is to make me laugh every day. Bonus.

The Kid

The source of SO many motherhood lessons during the last two decades. So many. But I love him dearly. We’re learning how to navigate this adult parent and adult child life (i.e. me letting him live his life) over beers and nachos.


The Girl


The youngest of my homegrowns, The Girl and I are also navigating new territory. In new womanhood, she and I are finally able to build the relationship we want. I love how she’s blossoming into an adult and finding her way. And she keeps me up on the latest trap music.




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