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Let’s see. I’m a storytelling writer. It’s one of my gifts that, through the years, I put on the shelf only to go back to it time and time again. Writing is therapeutic, informative and offers me a platform to laugh at myself and others, evolve and master the delicate art of written communication. In addition to writing, I do some other creative things: beading, drawing, coloring, cooking, painting and work with clay.

As far as careers go… let’s just say I don’t have a corporate ladder. I have a step stool. But me and that step stool? Like peas in a pod.

Hero and me

I guess you want to know about me personally. That’s me and The Hero. We finally got jazzy. On any given day, we’re straight casual.

little kids  me and the homegrowns

The Kid and The Girl, the only two humans I grew and birthed, before and after. Why two pictures? This was the last time we all lived in the same city and the second is the most recent picture. Aren’t they just lovely?

big brotha and bruiser

And I can’t forget Big Brotha (l) and Bruiser (r). They’re the two humans I didn’t grow who are part of our clan. Big Brotha looks like The Hero, but Bruiser has The Hero’s personality, but they’re all silly at different times which means no good pictures for the blog.


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