Seeing Progress

I've always loved this quote. Life has a way of bringing things together when I least expect it. I'm currently having a moment. One of these days, I won't allow my pride to get the best of me and I'll be able to communicate that how I feel or responded isn't as intense as it... Continue Reading →


Coasting into 2017

Look. I'm not even going to front like a new year doesn't shift my mind in some way. At least twice a year, I take inventory on me: January 1 and July 2. So I'm coasting through 2016 wondering what I'm actually going to do different in three days. Working out probably ain't one of them.... Continue Reading →

12 Years

It’s been 12 years since my mother died of colon cancer. Twelve years.  These 12 years have been quite an experience. It took nine to get over my anger. I’ve spent the last two finally getting used to the idea that The Girl will never know her grandmother and that The Kid won't talk much... Continue Reading →

We Got Married

At 11 a.m. on Friday, September 14, 2012, I became Mrs. Hero. Very low-key. Extremely. We did all the personal stuff at home and went to the Justice of the Peace to become legal. I didn't think I'd feel all that different, especially considering I'd already been married before. The difference is my feelings for... Continue Reading →

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