Losing to Find Freedom

A lot's been going on since Bro'Ham took over my computer a month ago. Maybe I should qualify what 'a lot' actually means. I've been losing. In just about every area of my life, something is being purged to make way for something more expansive. I lost my desire to palpitate every time The Kid makes... Continue Reading →


Hangin’ a Right on HP

Welcome to 2017. There are changes coming to the blog. Here's a brief summary: Food Discovery. A few weeks ago, I was clearing out the basement and realized I own a ton of cookbooks. Despite owning them, I cook the same things over and over again. Boring. In comes Food Discovery. Every week, The Hero picks... Continue Reading →

Year of You

Want to know what's inspiring this post? A bra. Yes, a bra. A pretty, boobs-on-chin, leopard bra with lace and matching underwear to be exact. All my life I've purchased functional, but this one time, I said to myself 'I'm going for sexy'. I was in that dressing room FEELIN' MYSELF. Bought two sexy bras. Then got... Continue Reading →

Life Lumps

I've been avoiding the blog. Some of it has to do with the fact that I have work to do and, quite honestly, I'm afraid. Some of it is sheer procrastination (read: laziness by overachievers). Since the last time I wrote, life has been, well... trying to help me re-member some things that were once... Continue Reading →

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