Sealed! DIY Whipped Butter

It's been almost four days since we got Bro'Ham. To say having a dog is a whole different experience doesn't begin to describe what being a pet parent means. I have to feed another living being. Every day. He wants affection and reassurance that he's okay and a good dog. He follows me around. He's left... Continue Reading →


Nail Polish Cabinet

Part of my feminine transformation includes putting all things girly on display. I started with this nail polish cabinet because I'm obsessed with nail polish right now.

Perryn’s Naturals

I decided to write about a product that I instantly loved. While at one of the local festivals, I came across a vendor selling handmade soap. She was extremely nice and patient while I waffled between scents while The Hero impatiently waited for me to either buy something or keep perusing stands. While the initial... Continue Reading →

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