From The Mouth of Grown Babes

You may have thought this was about the class I was going to take. Nope, fam. I'm here to drop some wisdom instead. Today's post is in honor of The Kid. I'm sure I've written ad nauseum about adult parenting and the struggle with it. So much so that I think the Universe sent me... Continue Reading →


Mother to Mother: A Letter

Dear Ma, This is the 18th Mother's Day that you aren't physically here. I picked this year for this letter for a reason. It's the first year my daughter, your granddaughter, is an adult and the first year that I'm the parent of adult children. It's the first year we would both be in adult... Continue Reading →

A Talk with Self

It's taking a pretty good dose of courage to write this. I am physically feeling it and wrestling against my natural instinct to shut this sensation down rather than allow it blossom and release. Sigh. I've been brewing for almost a month as a result of a review. I was light-heartedly asked to be a... Continue Reading →

Eggs in A Cloud

I'm done. I. Can. NOT! I looked at this week's recipes and felt the anger of my ancestors crawl up my back. Eggs in a Cloud and a Unicorn Pull-Apart Cake. Neither were terrible when I read the ingredients lists. What made me DefCon4 pissed was the lack of instructions. Literally from the cookbook: "Arrange... Continue Reading →

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