Take 5


No, not the candy bar. I literally had a pretty good life-changing epiphany: frequent pauses during the day are effective. I need to get my life.

If you thought that was a Captain Obvious revelation then I aspire to be like you one day. Until then though, imagine I just stared at you, possibly gave you a mean side eye. I just got it though. Like really understood that life doesn’t provide regular opportunities to Jesus-fix-it over a long weekend. Like Mayhem, life comes at me fast and in order to maintain my health and sanity, I have to be able to flow with it sensibly.

Why was I even thinking about this you ask? I just came back from vacation. It was nice to get away, but my expectation to regroup after months of holding unnecessary stress didn’t happen. Don’t get me wrong, being away from work is always cool, but I came back to all the same things that I left at home without any resolution on how to move forward productively for me and the people I love.

It wasn’t until I made the conscious decision I didn’t want to give myself an aneurysm thinking so much that I realized I have to make moments in my days to stop and breathe. When something would come up, I’d give my good mental energy to all the other things too. The truth? All life’s circumstances weren’t coming together in the perfect storm at every moment. That epiphany made me realize (or remember) I had to ask myself one question:

How do I choose to respond to this?

For real. If you don’t believe me, when something comes up and you feel yourself responding the way you normally do, stop and ask yourself this question. It’s mind-boggling how that pause makes you choose to show ’em your whole ass and own it.

I’m making this part of who I am. And since it makes me a nicer person to take breaks, let me go ahead and take one now.


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