Bucket List

collect experiences not things black and white hand lettering

I had a birthday. Yay me.

I also had an epiphany: I don’t have a bucket list. You read that right. No list of things I want to do before I die. So while I wait for all the chips to fall, I’m going to pretend I have no cares in the world and write down all the things I’ve ever dreamed of doing.

  1. Travel alone at least twice annually
  2. Learn to fly a plane
  3. Skydive (that’s not new, so I had a bucket item)
  4. Ball drop in NYC (okay, maybe it’s a mini bucket list)
  5. Go on an international trip
  6. Go on a girls’ trip with people who don’t need an itinerary
  7. Visit DC and be a tourist
  8. Stay in an underwater hotel (wearing a life jacket the whole time)
  9. Watch people run with the bulls
  10. Trace my family back to Africa and then go
  11. Take a trip with both kids alone and together
  12. Brazilian wax
  13. Carabana in Toronto
  14. Carnival in Brazil
  15. Dress circle tickets to Phantom of the Opera (that’s been on the list since 1993. Shoulda skipped prom)
  16. Wear braids
  17. Fast and Furious racing (I got MAD driving skills)
  18. Learn how to dance with a partner
  19. Hot Chocolate 5k
  20. Donut Run
  21. The Donut Trail in Butler County
  22. Stay in a treehouse
  23. Go to Amsterdam (is that where they have the good herb?)
  24. Wear a bikini and give no fucks about stretch marks and cellulite
  25. Cover my back with a sexy tattoo
  26. Buy a Cricut or Cameo or Silhouette or some other cutting machine for stickers
  27. Feed people cupcakes (simultaneously stop people from asking me to bake them something)
  28. Body paint and a photoshoot of said body painting
  29. Learn to swim in water above my head
  30. Stay at an Airbnb house I love, but would never buy
  31. Learn hand lettering
  32. Prepay for my final arrangements (it’s not morbid)
  33. Resolve old issues
  34. Mend a couple relationships
  35. Visit friends from high school
  36. Go topless (but carrying my taser just in case)
  37. Play adult versions of childhood games
  38. Witness the Aurora Borealis
  39. Cruise to Alaska
  40. Train across America
  41. Go to wine country with winos
  42. See the Giza pyramids
  43. Visit the Redwood National Park

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