Countdown to 24


I gotta admit: I wasn’t all that excited about my birthday. Usually, I politely (or blatantly) remind people it’s coming up or count down the days, but this year has been real chill.

Some of it is me still finding my way. I’m cool with floating on my life ocean until I hit my next shore of lessons. I maintain time and space for myself, but that’s about the only constant right now. Well… that and The Hero and Bro’Ham. Everything else I play by ear.

Anyway, my birthday was like that until yesterday. I won’t say I’m all like ‘IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!’, but I definitely have a plan on how I’m going to spend my birthday week. I made a list of experiences. And I’m mulling over making those adventures into a blog series.

Now don’t get excited. The list doesn’t have some amazing thing like ‘go skydiving Tuesday morning as the sun rises.’ It’s regular stuff that I think about doing, but for some reason never just do. It’s action-based regularness. Man… I’m good at inventing words and phrases.

It does involve eating cake.

There’s alcohol on the list too. That one ought to be hilarious.

Lots of walking. Bike adventures too. I hope that seat doesn’t chafe my butt though.

Some dancing. Maybe. It’s hard to keep a beat for an extended amount of time.

The week ahead promises to be pretty spectacular. I look forward to kicking it with teachers in their perpetual ‘It’s Friday’ summer state of mind. And I definitely look forward to going to my favorite day spa. I think I’m telling too much. Look for an adventure recap in the near future.


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