Seeing Progress


I’ve always loved this quote. Life has a way of bringing things together when I least expect it.

I’m currently having a moment. One of these days, I won’t allow my pride to get the best of me and I’ll be able to communicate that how I feel or responded isn’t as intense as it came off. Today is not that day though. But it brought me here so something good came from it. Woo hoo!

So about life. For a while, I’d found my stride. I was meditating, feeling myself on the job and in life generally. Then the move happened and my life got off balance. How off balance? Imagine watching a train approach one of those chasm kinda bridges and going off the rails RIGHT before the deep fall into the abyss. That’s how far. Meditating stopped. The confidence was replaced with some kinda weird doubt and cheese and bacon became life instead of salads and fruit. It feels like all that progress I’d made was obliterated in less than 45 days.

Life always has a way of showing you progress too. I may be in my pride, but I’m not in my feelings. And that, my friends, is hella progress. I can remember a time when I’d run from these feelings, but I understand that seeing a thing, leaning into it always, ALWAYS makes it easier to deal with the underlying feelings. And I understand that the things we try to avoid are really not that scary when you look them square in the eyes.

But it’s a Friday night and I have some Apothic so I’m going to cut this short, celebrate the beginning of the weekend and stare down some other scary things tomorrow morning. Happy weekend, people.


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