Namaste. Chakra Mantra Gallery


I’m going to keep it real. Bro’Ham has completely changed the game around these parts. He’s a great dog. Hasn’t chewed anything. Gets off of stuff when we tell him to. Eats his food and doesn’t stare at us longingly when we eat ours. And sleeps. Sleeps for hours. I took today off and this guy slept almost all day. He’s sleeping as I type this. Yes, his head is hanging off the couch.


So in light of being a first-time pet parent and keeping to a promise I made to myself and you to post three times a week, today’s post is really simple. Before Bro came along, I was learning more about clearing energy and things to make room for a different life. I had just gotten around to using breathe to clear blocked chakras and wanted to learn a little bit more about them as they relate to certain physical and emotional pains I feel.

I’m a tactile and visual learner. I have to read and do things in order to understand and know them. If you’re one of my friends or family reading this, it’s the main reason I text, email and send cards. I remember written information a lot better. It only made sense to make visual reminders of the mantras associated with each of the seven main chakras. There are others, but as a newbie, I’m starting here.

I came across a site that had iPhone wallpapers with all seven mantras that I absolutely loved. What’s the site you ask? I have no idea. I tried to search for it in my history only to find that I use the Internet way too much. I can’t find it. If I do though, I’ll come back and update. Anyway, I decided to print each one on a sheet of paper and frame them to hang in my room.

I would give you instructions and a supply list, but really, it’s as easy as it looks. Print, trim, frame, hang. Seriously. If you want to get fancy, add a nice mat or decorative card stock (what I did) to lay behind the mantras.

Friday is recipe of the week. Or maybe a DIY project. I don’t know. It really depends if Bro’Ham turns into psycho dog or I get around to getting my life back on schedule. Let’s see what the next two days bring.


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