Week in Review: January 15, 2016

Last week was action packed. For real. I’m amazed that I could finally get the motivation to sit down and recap. Saturday to Saturday. Okay.

Last weekend, me and The Girl celebrated The Kid’s birthday. I was going to be out of town on his actual birthday and since it’s a milestone, we couldn’t not celebrate. It was hilarious that his gift was to buy groceries and possibly pay his phone bill. Grown kids. It’s an interesting motherhood phase for real. At the end of the weekend, he and I had a really good talk about the next phase of life and some of the lessons he learned since dropping out of high school to now. It gave me hope that maybe he won’t take all of his 20s to be dumb.

That was great, but the highlight of the week was my first trip to Vegas. Okay… so it’s technically my second trip. When you go with your parents at 18 and walk around the Strip all damn day in the middle of August to pass the time before your plane leaves for Cleveland, but your parents were all out of vacation money so they didn’t want to buy anything until we got home and you were thirsty and hungry and couldn’t sit in the casino because you looked really young is how you describe a trip, you need a reset. So it’s my first trip to Vegas. And my first girls’ trip since my 30th birthday in Chicago. That was epic.

A  moment for Chicago.

Okay. So Vegas. I went with a friend who shall remain nameless due to professional reasons. Tuesday to Friday. No plans, just doing what girls do in Vegas. I love this friend because this trip was D standing around looking at how big everything was and eating. That’s it. Swear.


We stayed at Planet Hollywood and in the 2.5 days we were in Vegas we literally ate our way from Aria to The Venetian. Food rules were no eating at places we had back home and no staying at a place that didn’t make us feel great. Where did we eat?

  • Planet Dailies (twice, different meals)
  • Jean Pierre Patisseriejeanpierre
  • Mon Ami Gabimonamigabi
  • Hexx (twice, same meals)hexx
  • Yardhouse
  • Bouchon Bakerybouchonbakery
  • Amorinoamorino
  • Spice Market Buffet

Man, typing the list really brought home how much we ate. I didn’t even get buffet pics (I mean the damage I tried to do to shrimp was embarrassing). And that doesn’t count the two Fat Tuesday drinks with that nice extra shot that we had Thursday. The blurriness of the picture should give you an idea of what Everclear in frozen 151 Kool-Aid can do to you.


I’m not a gambler, so playing a couple slots and then cashing out wasn’t too hard. I couldn’t fathom dropping more than $20 a day after the first day losing $40. You’d have thought my life savings was in those slot machines. Let’s not dwell on my lack of gambling.

The walking. Gawd. Each hotel was the equivalent of two or three blocks here at home. Don’t trust Google Maps. You’ll think you’ll leisurely walk from New York New York to The Venetian in an hour. We took 15,000+ steps and made it from Planet Hollywood to The Venetian. You know what I’m saying. We had to go to CVS and get compression items. It got real.

Oh… jet lag. Yeah. I typed this long paragraph and deleted it. So basically, I lived on PST and EST time simultaneously. I slept weird. Fell asleep at 9 p.m. PST two out of three nights. In Vegas.

But I realized that Vegas is a multiple-visit and multiple-companion city. The Hero and I are going back. And we’re going back with a group of friends. And my nameless friend and I have decided to make it an annual trip. Vegas. The beginning of my travel adventures.

Saturday, we celebrated two friends’ birthdays. Yeah… I had just got home from Vegas early that morning, slept, ate and took a nap. Then I got dressed and went out to hang with friends. Your favorite blogger got a selfie stick the same day and had to use it. To avoid lawsuits from party-goers, here’s one of me The Hero. I don’t need a release from him:


I’m going on and on and this post is getting wordy. Bottom line: It’s been a great week. I gained weight, but I don’t care. I’m refreshed and ready to go back to work Tuesday. But tomorrow, I’m going to try to get some rest. Check Wednesday’s post. We had a guest picker for the recipe of the week. Seems like he did good.


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