Say It Pretty with DIY Notecards


When I was younger, I took pride in making posters for my friends’ birthdays and events at school. As I got older, I was the person in the store reading every greeting card in the section because it had to say the right thing for the event. When I say I read every card, I would read every card. It’s my mother’s and grandmother’s doing. They were the queens of picking the cards that made my eyes leak.

The Internet really made me lazy though. I got away from handwritten notes and easily transitioned to text messages and social media as ways to let people know I was thinking about them. Within the last few months though, the excitement of going into Papyrus and looking at all the stationery and accessories made me nostalgic of my handwritten days. But the price tags would make me clutch my pearls and hide my wallet.

Along comes the adult coloring trend. As a snob colorer, I use markers. I have four sets of markers. Four. No shame. Anyway, the markers made the blah picture come to life. After the relaxation coloring provided though, I had a piece of art. On my desk. Looking at me like ‘come on… you gotta do something with me.’ I framed a few and put them in my office, but that seemed selfish. Everyone should enjoy my coloring works of art.

Biggest idea of 2017: notecards! I get to color, share and make someone’s day with this project. And so can you. All you need is:

  • Coloring page
  • Markers (if you must use pencils, I GUESS that’s okay)
  • Heavy card stock
  • Computer and laser printer
  • Paper cutter or X-acto knife
  • Optional: ribbon, decorative scissors, gold leaf and any other finishing touches


  1. Color the picture (duh).
  2. Scan the picture. If you don’t have access to a scanner, take a high-quality photo with your phone.
  3. Open a new document in your word processing software. Insert the pictures into the document and resize them to the size you want for your notecard. I opted for postcard-style notecards to maximize my limited amount of card stock.
  4. Print on heavy card stock using a laser printer so they don’t bleed if they get wet.
  5. Using a paper cutter or X-acto knife, cut the cards.
  6. Optional: finish the edges with decorative scissors. Or use gold leaf. Punch a hole and add ribbon. You get the point. Make it yours.

Not only will the person getting the notecard feel special, it’s was made with love. And a lot of creativity. Plus you got to relieve some stress coloring. Triple win. Next week’s project: making envelopes. But… go ahead and write the note this week.



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