Year of You


Want to know what’s inspiring this post?

A bra.

Yes, a bra. A pretty, boobs-on-chin, leopard bra with lace and matching underwear to be exact. All my life I’ve purchased functional, but this one time, I said to myself ‘I’m going for sexy’. I was in that dressing room FEELIN’ MYSELF. Bought two sexy bras. Then got on eBay and bought four more sets. Then I bought a bunch of lipstick. Paid $25 at a quasi-swanky salon to get my eyebrows waxed (it was to change how I see spending on myself for beauty services). I started running and working out again. And the icing on the cake? Went to the beauty salon and got a cut and style. The salon, y’all!

All of that culminated into the second half of my D annual plan assessment. I realized that I plan for everything, except making myself look and feel beautiful for me. Not for anyone else, not for a special event or occasion, but for a Tuesday when I’m going to my regular job to do regular stuff during a regular week.

Enter Year of You. I’ve set up our paychecks that we both get an allowance: 10 percent for the earner, 5 percent for the spouse. Every week it re-ups because someone is getting paid. Anyway, Year of You was born from actually setting aside an allowance. Money that’s mine and I can spend any kinda way.

That’s how I bought the sexy bra you read about a minute ago. My allowance. Oh… and all that lipstick. Umm… probably the brows. Not the salon visit. The family paid for that.

I digress. Anyway, the second half of my year is about the Year of You. Of being selfish in a good way, deepening relationships with my girls. Buying gifts, stationary, a good ass pen, a banging handmade journal. The only reason is because it makes me feel good. It increases me.

So I give you a challenge. What makes you feel good about you? What would it take for you to declare a Year of You for yourself? What’s stopping you from doing it? I gotta say seven bras, 10 lippies, two eye shadow palettes and a pair of boots later it’s one of the best things I’ve done for myself to date.




  1. Love this post and the idea of the Year of You. The misconception that putting your all into everything/one else and thinking that that will fulfill you, to me, is a little misguided and may leave you a little resentful. So, I agree. Bye the bra, try the lipstick, get those boots – if it gets you a little closer to you and involves NO ONE else that’s ok. You deserve it!!

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