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Today we get together to celebrate a very important realization: I am not ‘vintage athletic’. I am officially ‘thick’. And it’s a good thing. Let me explain.

Athletic has all of the attachments of massive hours of cardio that I have no desire to complete anymore. That doesn’t mean that I sit around sedentary, it just means that I’m perfectly happy with my brisk 2.6-mile walk every day versus a one-mile fartlek. I’ll probably jog again, but all the endurance, personal best, pace, etc. goals are so not important.

Let me get back on track. So it’s casual Friday and I’m rocking the free Columbus coffee T-shirt (note: you probably want to go a size up if you’re currently drinking your way to one and not a fan of accentuating certain chest treasures). And for the record, notice how my tee fits nothing like the model’s? That would require an X-large. I refuse. You’ll love the tee though. It’s super soft and stretchy. Fits great too.

Ugh… I digress AGAIN. Anyway, I’m rocking the mature skinny pants because at this age, regular skinny gets me ratchet muffin top. The mature skinny jeans + Columbus coffee t-shirt = Thickums. Like I looked like if necessary I would put you in a Full Nelson and not break a sweat. It was kinda empowering. I decided I needed to capture the moment.

thickumsThis is not to say that I threw my health out the window. Not at all. I subscribe to the idea that life is about balance. If I don’t reasonably enjoy life, what is the point in preserving my body? And I asked myself the same question in reverse: What is the point of preserving my body if I am not reasonably enjoying life? Makes no sense either way.

Beyond that, I had a crystal clear revelation that I have to consciously remember to celebrate my body as a reflection of at least two miraculous events: I grew and birthed two humans almost 20 and a little more than 15 years ago. Considering i’m 15 years from the excuse ‘baby fat’, I look pretty freaking fantastic. Balance.

On this last Friday in September, I encourage you to enjoy your curves and lines or those of your significant other. Celebrate all the experiences you enjoyed that got you those stretch marks and baby pouch. Balance it with giving your body more years to have even more fun. Live. Laugh. Love. Lift. And enjoy a good ass piece of cake every now and then.


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  1. I’m glad that you took that moment for you. It’s so key. Since I’ve been living outside the U.S. I see the mental game that is played to look skinnier. It’s simply not that way in other places and the thickums you’re referring to would be welcomed and blend right in.

      1. You’re not in the middle. You’re out in front. The others simply don’t know their place and have to be loud about it to reiterate their average stature.

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