Sew Scary


Soo… as part of my commitment to create every day, I signed up for a free sewing class at one of the rec centers here. The description was ‘bring your own project’. I figured I had nothing to lose as it was open to all skill levels. I can make a mean set of curtains, but beyond that, I’m kinda challenged. That being said, I have some items that need to be let out just a touch to accommodate a little extra lovin’. I decided to take a pair of sky blue Nordstrom pants I bought from the thrift store to see if they could be saved. Technically, I can put them on. The caveat is I won’t be able to eat, sit, sneeze or laugh.

I gathered up my two pair of pants for the project. My first class was last Tuesday. Initially I thought I’d need to sew a panel into the legs. But, I got to my first class and the instructor, D, told me we could just let the seams out and that would possibly give me an extra 1.5″. So I commenced to taking out seams. It literally took 1.5 hours. I took out two stitches every 10 seconds just to make sure I didn’t cut the wrong area or go too far. I think D thought I was super cute because of my tenacity. She didn’t understand that I’ve been wanting to wear these pants for two years and messing them up when I’m soooo close to realizing my dream would make me Hulk out. So slow I went.

Thought there was going to be more? Nope. I now have a pair of deconstructed pants crying out for attention by the front door. I’m working up the nerve to try and sew them tomorrow evening. Worst case scenario is I spend Friday night taking all the seams out. Again.


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