The Ladder Necklace

ladder necklace main

Last year, I bought a ‘leather’ purse from eBay. I should have known better when it was only $15, but it looked so cute in the picture that I was convinced. Bought it and patiently waited two weeks for it to arrive. That should have been the first sign.

I’m sure you can see where this is going. Opened the box to a pungent smell of bacon and tires and the stiffest PVC-like bag I’ve ever touched. I was so disappointed, but then when I went to check the auction, I saw that it came from China. I forgot to filter the items to only list the ones from North America. Sigh.

I tried to carry it, but the Michelin bacon smell was too much. I figured I could re-purpose it into something so I threw it in the Trash Not Trash pile and figured it would come to me.

Over the past year, I used it in a variety of projects and this necklace used the LAST bit of bacon material. I’m currently on a black and brown kick after The Hero bought me a cute black sundress. I wanted to make a nice casual statement-type necklace to wear with it. In the fall, I could throw on a denim (or is it ‘chambray’ now?) jacket and boots and still rock it. After scrapping the original design because of the material’s stiffness, I redesigned the necklace on the fly. Since I haven’t been creating, my bead selection was pretty slim, but I was determined to use what I had on hand. I recycled another necklace and some leftover chain and came up with this. I also had to make special findings to attach the ‘steps’ to each other and also to connect the bead to the chain segments. I winged it and liked the result.

       laddernecklacedetail 20150906_153744

I felt like wearing it when I woke up today for casual Friday. The original length was too long, so I shortened and it worked. This is the final result. It’s magnolious when things come together.



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