September Goal

You sure did read the title right. Goal. Singular. And, yeah, it’s September 9th, but I’ve been doing it every day since September 2nd, so….

Anyway, I realized something very important: I don’t master more than one goal. I thought I was a pretty good multi-tasker, but after making goal lists of 10 items, five items and three items, I realized that I should start at one goal and work my way up. Call it easy, but sometimes the hardest tasks start with one step.

So what’s the goal?


When I decided on this goal, I had to force myself not to define what that meant. That’s the first step to killing creativity. Of course, the creativity floodgates opened and haven’t closed. I sketched some things. Don’t get me started on hair. I think if it could protest, it would. There was the straw set, the curly ‘fro, picked out twists, full-blown ‘fro. Glorious.

I digress. When I’m creating, it helps me deal with other things in my life that I don’t get to purge. It helps me refocus on what’s important. And I get some good food, cute jewelry and fresh hairstyles out of it.

This blog post counts as today’s creation. It’ll take a few posts before I get back in the swing of things, but it’s like riding a bike. Unless you don’t know how to ride a bike, then it’s like writing in cursive. You don’t write in cursive either?! I’m all out of analogies.

Until next time.



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