Back in Business!

mental meltdown

We’ve managed to get most of the boxes unpacked and put everything away. Just a few more things to do and we’ll have settled in to our new place.

So what’s been going on? Well… a lot. I had a mini nervous breakdown the first week of my hiatus. Things on the job have been hectic and when I got home, I just wanted to lay around and watch movies. The problem was we needed to find a new place and pack up to move by the end of the month. A week before the end of the lease, we hadn’t found a place and did minimal packing. I freaked out and literally woke up that Tuesday and cried. It was such an overwhelming week AND I still had to go to work all week because we’re short-staffed and I’m doing parts of another person’s job until we hire a replacement. Let’s just say there was a lot of wine and whining.

The Hero was great in all of this. Well… sorta. He just wasn’t working on my schedule like I needed him to (hence the mini break down). His laid back approach would sometimes make me think ‘oh… everything will magically work itself out’ and others ‘OH MY GOD… If he HASN’T packed, I’m going to KILL HIM DEAD!’

I literally stopped cooking for the last two weeks (mostly because the pots and pans were packed in a box). I’ve had more fried chicken wings, Chipotle and Healthy Choice meals than I care to admit.

But there are a lot of good things that came from this:

Got a new hair cut. I went to the salon on the day I melted down. It was strictly coincidental because I’d already made the appointment, but it was right on time. I’d been wrestling with to cut or not to cut and then one day I accepted the fact that I’m not one of those women who wants long hair. I like it on other people, but I feel my best and most beautiful when my hair is short. Love the length and it doesn’t take an hour just to wrap it up at night so it looks halfway decent in the morning.



I finally threw away a LOT of stuff I didn’t need. Is it just me or is that you really underestimate how much stuff you have until it’s time to pack? I didn’t know that I had the equivalent of a full box of stuff dedicated just to hair. I’m not even a hair enthusiast, but apparently I’ve collected curling irons, rollers, setting rods and gobs of products that got lost in the bathroom closet so I bought more. Trash. Lighter load coming into the new place.

I’m the enforcer. In the aftermath of the melt down, I realized that I’m the one who delegates tasks in the Hero household. Sure we make plans together, but if I don’t give The Hero a list, well… you can see where that goes. When I said that to The Hero, he kinda agreed. I gave him his list for the day and life was back to fairies and glitter.

I have some control issues. I’ve always known myself to be a problem solver. Something needs to be done, I’m on it. Lately though I’m starting to realize that I sabotage myself by not delegating enough work to people. Could be that I’ve always been the one delegated to, so I expect to just do everything myself. Between the job and moving, I realized that maybe, just maybe, if I let people help, my stress level would be way lower.

There’s nothing wrong with taking it easy. Now I don’t mean taking it easy when you have to move in four days and only packed the kitchen. Not saying that at all. But, it’s okay to be packing and realize ‘I’m tired. I’m going to sit down/take a nap and then finish.’ I had to force myself to listen to my body because I was abusing myself. Bad sleep, bad food and aching muscles five days in a row made for a very wired, tired and uninspired Dee.

That’s what’s been going on around these parts. What’s been going on in your world since I’ve been away?


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