The Wednesday Roundup Week #13

It’s week 13 of The Wednesday Roundup. Sadly, after next week, I’ll no longer be co-hosting. I am a fan of link parties, but, again, in line with my new way of thinking, I feel like someone else who is dedicated to the link party should host. In the meantime, I will continue to join the lovely Wednesday Roundup ladies and enjoy all the great links these last two weeks.
This week, I chose #5, One Year of Dates. I’m always asking The Hero to do something and when he asks what, I’m at a loss. Plus, one date in and one date out saves money (as we currently have TWO dates out per month). Check out the other features this week.
1. Longevity Noodles by Driftwood Gardens
2. Sunburst Mirror by Our Secondhand House
4. Rolo Cupcakes by Lou Lou Girls
5. Make a Year of Dates Gift by What’s Up Fagans
6. Slow Cooker Beef Stew by Mommy On Demand
7. DIY Floating Shelves by Our Secondhand House
We also have a new feature starting this week. The new featured blogger will be the blogger with the most clicks the prior week. Our first feature bloggers are Becky and Glenna. Stop by their blog, My Paper Craze, and check them out.

 My Paper Craze

with this Burlap Pillow Cover

Go check them out on Pinterest!
If you’ve been featured, make sure to grab a button to show off!
The Wednesday Roundup

The Wednesday Roundup

And now onto the co-hostesses of this fabulous link up:

GrayWhiteButtonFacebook GrayWhiteButtonTwitter GrayWhiteButtonPinterest-2 GrayWhiteButtonGoogle GrayWhiteButtonBL
GrayWhiteButtonFacebook GrayWhiteButtonTwitter GrayWhiteButtonPinterest-2 GrayWhiteButtonGoogle GrayWhiteButtonBL
GrayWhiteButtonFacebook GrayWhiteButtonTwitter GrayWhiteButtonPinterest-2 GrayWhiteButtonGoogle
 GrayWhiteButtonFacebook GrayWhiteButtonTwitter GrayWhiteButtonPinterest-2
GrayWhiteButtonFacebook GrayWhiteButtonTwitter GrayWhiteButtonPinterest-2 GrayWhiteButtonGoogle
GrayWhiteButtonFacebook GrayWhiteButtonTwitter GrayWhiteButtonPinterest-2 GrayWhiteButtonBL
 Christine @ Foody Schmoody
GrayWhiteButtonFacebook GrayWhiteButtonPinterest-2 GrayWhiteButtonGoogle

One more new feature this week. We’re starting a new social media link up. Add your Pinterest link and make new friends. Don’t forget to come back and add two other bloggers who linked up too.

And finally, add your projects to the weekly link party.






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  1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for featuring my Longevity Noodles! Best of luck to you with the new direction you’re going in. Looking forward to still keeping up with you here.

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