Finish The Sentence Friday: The Friend Survey


I know it’s Valentine’s Day, but instead of focusing on The Hero, I decided to write about the other important people in my life: my friends.

This week’s Finish the Sentence Friday prompt (“I was found guilty”) goes hand in hand with a friend survey I sent out to a group of people who consisted of people I wanted to get to know better, ones I’d lost contact with and the ones I felt that maybe I hadn’t given enough attention.

The friend survey came about one day when I was sitting around just thinking. I can’t remember the specific train of thought, but I’m always inspired by The Hero’s friendships. I’m usually jealous (is that the nicer word?) of his relationships, but this time I came to another conclusion: I was found guilty of not being the best friend I could be according to my own personal assessment.

I decided to take action. See, I like analyzing things and in order to analyze, I need data. When I thought about the people on my list, I realized that for whatever reason, I never really asked them what constituted being a good friend in their opinion. So I sat down and created a survey.

The survey served two purposes: open the lines of communication and see if the other person had the same desire to foster the relationship that I did. In my mind, filling out the survey or responding in some other way showed interest. No response meant that it wasn’t on the other person’s radar. No time for that in my life.

I sent out an email hoping everyone would respond, but knowing that some wouldn’t. I also asked everyone to be honest, expecting the worst, but hoping for the best. If you’ve never done a friend survey, you should definitely consider it. And if you ask for honest, be ready for any response.

The responses were awesome and eye-opening. My friends run the spectrum from serious extroverts to serious introverts so it was interesting to see how each person responded according to their personality and how they perceived mine. To keep this post short and sweet, here’s a link to the Friend Survey and the Friend Survey Results of the super fantastic 12 respondents.

So on the day celebrated for love, make a friend’s day and tell them how much they mean to you. Better yet, go get them a nice, chocolatey cupcake with chocolate fudge frosting. Then hop on over to the Finish the Sentence Friday link party and see what guilty people are hanging out this week.

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8 thoughts on “Finish The Sentence Friday: The Friend Survey

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  1. I love this idea in theory.. But in practice, I am definitely one of those people who would either ignore a mass email, or shelve it til I had the time… ie. never. It is extremely sad, I know, but I definitely think some friendships have both a season and a shelf life based largely on proximity. Some, not all. And for the exceptions- I know them so well, a survey is not needed.

    1. And for me, it’s the opposite. People who didn’t fill it out or respond in some form didn’t know me well enough. So out helped me realize that going forward wasn’t necessary on either part. Not that I dismissed them or feel angry, but putting in energy isn’t high on my list.

  2. You are a brave woman. There are a number of people that I haven’t me with for a long time despite all the promises of getting together for lunch or coffee. I’m trying to remedy the situation this year. I’m at 3+ so far. This is my year for connections.

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