5 for Five: Feb Fab Week 1




So one week into February and while I didn’t really do everything I said, I am okay with what progress I did make because some good solutions came from it. To recap, here are my five goals:

Work out 3 times a week – epic fail

I did no workouts unless you count all the walking I do at work. On a good day, I walk about 5,000 steps a day at work. On a regular day, 3,000. Three days last week, I wasn’t in the office and got lost every time I had to go somewhere. Add an extra 1,000 steps per day and I’d say that I was constantly working out at low intensity. The walking… sheesh!

This coming week, I’m going to start with some kind of toning twice this week and yoga once. With all the snow and cold, I’m just not in the mind to do cardio. At. all.

Live in the moment – winning!

I got so good at this, that I would sometimes forget to keep my appointments. Totally okay with it too. I found myself happier and less stressed out when I stopped and took a minute to focus on what was happening at that exact moment and prioritize my time. That resulted in NO runs for comfort food all week. I think that’s a double win.

Get my nails healthy – slight win

I gave myself a full manicure seven days ago. My cuticles feel a lot better, but my polish saw better days (like… Tuesday). Minus the chipped polish, I didn’t peel my nails off or make things worse. Yay!

Fast – F.A.I.L.

Oh. I don’t even want to tell you how badly I failed at this. I literally woke up Monday, and at an orange and banana, so I revised the fast to only fruits until 2 p.m. and then vegetables after 2 p.m. Then I had an apple at 3, so I said fruits and vegetables all day. Then I had chicken wings and realized that fasting is only for me when I need to have a medical procedure. Not really, but five days for a girl who enjoys food was a little extreme. So I’m going to try a new approach: meal planning. I had my best success with getting a handle on my eating habits when I had a plan. With that plan in place, I expect to have a better report next week.

Detox – possible win

Well considering I technically have 9 hours and six minutes to take a detox bath, I can’t say that this is a fail. I have big plans to do it. Big plans. Soon as I take The Kid home.

To find more inspiration, head on over to Party of One and see how everyone else is coming along with their goals.


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      1. That is so true! I just want to see the grass, even though it is brown instead of green. 🙂 We are supposed to get in the 40s tomorrow and gradually climb to 60 next week! I am so ready for a little break in the cold!

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