Plethora of Necklaces

Necklace Collage


Okay… so not really a plethora, but I did finish three easy ones in about 90 minutes (including taking the photos). Each one came from an existing piece of jewelry or something I had on hand.

The Pin

The first necklace was a pin I scored at the Dress for Success bag sale in November. I had big, big plans to start wearing pins, but after unsuccessfully realizing that I couldn’t pin them straight or figure out when to put the pins on and when to leave them off, I decided I’m good at necklaces. So… I broke the pin back off, put a couple of holes in the earring and added chain and a clasp. New necklace I love. Boom!

Round Gold Necklace

The Earring Turned Bracelet Turned Necklace

The second necklace was an earring that I tried to make into a bracelet. Seems I didn’t use the right adhesive because after I got home from work, one of the earrings fell off. Seeing as I had already used a bunch of different glues on the bracelet, I decided to repurpose part of it rather than try to repair it. After taking inventory of my necklace stash, I discovered I could really use a black necklace with gold chain. A little Sephora black polish, more holes and gold chain and I’ve got a new necklace I love.

Half Moon Necklace

The Hot Glue Necklace

At one point in my creative life, I was ALLL about making beads with clay. I invested in some molds, a pasta machine (for conditioning the clay) and a bevy of other tools to make my own creations. In the past year or so, I’ve gotten away from that; however, I still have all the supplies. One night, I decided to see if I could make a pendant with nothing but hot glue and a mold. After generously oiling one of the molds, I filled it with glue and came out with something workable. Add some more black nail polish, gold paint and the last of my gold chain and I came out with a cute, casual necklace.

Long Gold Chain

All three of these took less than an hour to make. It’s always great to create new pieces from old items.


6 thoughts on “Plethora of Necklaces

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  1. I love this idea of repurposing pins into necklaces. This is a great idea to get more functionality out of them. Have you tried it with old brooches or is that the same as a pin?

  2. I love all three of those and your creativity!! I can’t believe that last was made from glue and a mold! Beautiful, it all looks expensive. Great job, thanks for linking up to That’s Fresh Friday!!

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