The Wednesday Roundup Week #10

Welcome to Week 10. It’s hard to believe that January will be over in three days. I wish the Polar Vortex would be over too! This has to be one of the coldest winters I’ve ever had while living in Columbus. Hopefully the weather will start to get better. I can’t wait for spring!

Check out this week’s features. I chose the Cuban Bread (#2 ) because I love it. Blame it on Bahama Breeze. The Cuban bread and fire shrimp give me a renewed sense of life every time I go.

 1. Top 5 Ways to Blast Your Kids to Success in a New Year by Simple Savings for ATL Moms
2. Cuban Bread by Pickled Okra
3. DIY Orange Peel Candle by Robyn’s View
5. Vanilla Bean Pound Cake Cupcakes by Simply Suzanne’s At Home
6. Pineapple & Cashew Stir fry by Amuse Your Bouche
7. Valentine’s Day Fun for Kids by Some of the Best Things in Life Are Mistakes

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The Wednesday Roundup
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Your Hostess and Co-Hostesses

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 Christine @ Foody Schmoody
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