Five Updated Goals, Seven More Days {5 for Five}

5forFiveSo… it’s Monday and I’m supposed to recap how I did last week with my five items, right? Well it didn’t go as well as expected. The week started off fine and then it slowly started to get away from me. Slowly, but surely. I also realized that I wasn’t really invested in one goal and another took a different form than I anticipated when I wrote last week’s list. With that in mind, here’s my recap:

Log everything I eat.

This week: Four out of five days


I was honest with it this week. Scanning bar codes, measuring food, picking healthy snacks and packing lunches. Until Friday when I had the sugar cookie. Then we had an impromptu date night: Strongbow Cider Ale, pizza from Press Grille, Key Lime Pie from Cap City Diner and a nightcap of Red’s Apple Ale. After the fourth hard cider and 2,891 calories, I stopped scanning. I shrugged and told myself at that point, I’m rounding up to 4,000. I’m going to try this one again.

Work out five days.

This week: Three out of five days


I started the week like the polar vortex and ended like a hand fan in a hot church in the middle of August. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I was all in with the burpees, seal jacks, squat jumps and skate boarders. Thursday, I was achy and whiny and just wanted to trade eating for exercising. Friday was just… Friday. It’s always a crap shoot so I always opt for Saturday until I woke up and decided I wanted to just lay around all day. Back on the list this goes.

Journal Monday through Friday.

This week: No days


I felt no desire whatsoever to journal. None. Nada. So instead of forcing myself into it, I’m letting this one go. Although looking at that picture makes me want to draw something.

Finish my current book.

This week: Finished Wednesday

I buckled down and finished reading. Maybe that’s why I didn’t want to journal because reading took its place for me. I have three more books and since it’s a Level 2 snow emergency as I type this, I may crack one open and start it today in lieu of watching the uncut LOTR movies for the 157th time.

Find 15 images of beauty for my 2014 book

This week: One out of five days (with modifications)

Native American beauty
Source; Source

This took on something different when I remembered it on Thursday. I had confused the word beauty with style when I wrote my post last week. Instead of looking for how to style myself I literally decided to look for beautiful images. On a whim, I Googled ‘native american beauty’. The images above represent two of my favorites from that search. I didn’t want to print them because the color and detail would be lost on my crappy printer. It wouldn’t do them justice. So I decided to make an electronic scrapbook instead of images that speak to me.

This week’s goals:

  • Log all my food. All of it. Even if it’s 5,000 calories worth.
  • Do five workouts this week. I just have to figure out the Hump Day Slump.
  • Go to my hair appointment Friday. I’m notorious for canceling appointments. I’m determined to keep this one.
  • Finish another book (Brainwashed: Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority by Scott O. Lilienfield ). I’m on a roll and don’t want to stop this reading train. Maybe it will become a habit and I’ll be weaned off TV. If only it worked for desserts.
  • Add to my photo journal. Add 5 more images to my photo journal. Not sure what I’ll feel like seeing, so I’ll just leave it open-ended.

Head on over to Party of One and share your goals for the week with other bloggers. We can start something big.


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