Five Things, Seven Days


If you remember, I made my 2014 life book toward the end of 2013. It’s a way for me to track my progress in life over a year and see if how I wanted to start the year is how I actually ended it. It’s a beautiful binder just waiting for me to do something with it.

Yes, you read that right: it’s waiting for me to actually open and use it. I should say that I did actually write something in it, but not on a consistent basis. Or at least not like I was using the 2013 binder. I’m just not motivated.

When the realization hit me that I haven’t done anything with the 2014 book, I decided to do better, be better, rise above the swirling cloud of ambivalence and really tackle some things for the rest of the month. That’s when I came across 5 for Five on Jenn’s blog, Party of One. Each week (or once a month) she sets five goals and every Monday gives an account of how she attained or missed the prior week’s goals. Other bloggers can post to her link party and everyone shares in encouraging each other for making progress. It read just like something I needed. Plus, it goes hand-in-hand with the unreasonable actions work I’m doing with Akua. I figure if I put in writing what I aim to do each week, it will hold me more accountable when I have to post an update the following Monday. The embarrassment factor alone is enough to keep me on track.

So what are my goals this week?

Log everything I eat.


Sigh. I eat EVERYTHING. There are times I’m not hungry, but if The Hero is eating, I’m there with a plate or staring at him like dogs at dinner time. It’s really kinda sad. I have made some positive changes over the past three weeks though at work. I haven’t been pilfering candy dishes or indulging in the non-stop ‘there are (fill in baked goods) in the (area of bringer)’. I use SparkPeople on a semi-regular basis, but when I’m not close to my computer and too stubborn to use the app, I can talk myself into eating a serving of tortilla chips, salt and vinegar kettle chips and a cookie without thinking about it. All of that is a cool 800 calories and when I’m logging my food my mind thinks of it in terms of spending money. Do I really want to spend 800 calories on something that isn’t going to fix or even pacify what’s going on? Not really. So logging it is.

Work out five days.


I came to the conclusion that I’m doing this for health reasons. I am within 10 years of 46, the age my mom died. While I don’t believe I’m at risk for any life-altering diseases, I’m not the kind to take chances in that area. That being said, I hate treadmills, but I hate driving to the gym and walking around my neighborhood even more. The quasi-environmental urban planner in me feels like driving to a place to work out is a laughable oxymoron. The somewhat snooty part of me just hates how my neighborhood has changed in the last year (38 days and counting!). So until we move, I’m allllll over using Workout Trainer. I loved it in the summer, then something happened and it took a back seat to the treadmill in the basement. Ohhh… I was doing the Couch 2 5K training. Yeah… that’s out the window. Lesson learned: Running blows. And while I am not a fan of mountain climbers and burpees – since my jiggling fat becomes keenly obvious – I will be healthy and strong.

Journal Monday through Friday.


Initially I was thinking ‘write Monday through Friday’, but I don’t want to train myself to think that way. I once did morning pages (wake up and hand write three pages of consciousness), but waking up before 5 a.m. is not something I want to do at this point in my life. So I commit to taking 15 minutes in the evening, right before bed, to dump my mind in whatever form that takes and get ready for rest. I once did this faithfully, then TV took over. I know, I know….

Finish my current book.

We recently decided to let our cable go until we move. The bill was more than we thought was acceptable for a bunch of channels we don’t watch. We added more data to our cell phone plan to use our phones as hot spots and bought Chromecast (love it!).  Since I’m making a conscious effort to use the cable-less stint as a time to develop ways to use my time besides sitting in front of the TV, I picked up six books from the library. I’ve been reading The Traveler for two weeks. I started off with a bang, reading while I was at home, then it went down to reading on the bus and now nothing. It’s not that the book isn’t good. I just allowed myself to stop reading in lieu of playing Color Zen for hours. I vow to finish The Traveler by Wedn… Friday.

Find 15 images of beauty for my 2014 book

Now… I think I’m a really hot little thing (jiggling fat, blemishes and all). Even though I subscribe to a lot of different blogs and FB pages, there are times when I don’t see enough images of other women who remind me of that. So this week, I’m on a mission to find three images a day to clip or print and add to my binder for the days when I’m struggling to see my own awesomeness.

What are your goals for the week? Write them down or head over to Party of One and see what other people plan to get done this week.



  1. I find myself not doing things at night in favor of mindlessly watching tv. Cable is so not worth the price. I should really just cancel it and go with Hulu Plus and Amazon and Netflix. But you aren’t the only one who gets sucked into mindless tv. Good luck with your goals!

    1. Thanks, Jill. I really did the math and we paid more than $100 to flip through channels most days. The Hero likes sports, but other than that neither one of us are hooked on shows to the point that we’re saying we miss them. It’s more cost effective for us to go the Netflix route.

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