Gold and Metal Necklace and Earrings

Gold Chain

This necklace and four pair of earrings came from a pair of chandelier earrings I found in my mom’s jewelry box. I liked the earrings as they were, but upon closer inspection, I realized that several dangles were missing on each earring. And since I knew, they suddenly became less desirable to wear out in public.

I took all of the dangles off and discarded the original frames. When I counted, there were three of each of color, so I decided to make a necklace. I’ve been dying for a simple, long gold chain necklace for a while, but hadn’t come across one I wanted to buy. With all the colors, this one was perfect. It can be worn with jeans and a tee or with a dressier outfit to work.

The design was pretty simple too. I created a coil with my coiling tool, added jump rings to the dangles and attached them to the coil. When I first wore the necklace, the dangles had all slipped to one side of the coil. So… I went back, placed the dangles and squeezed the non-dangle coils together to keep them in place. Worked like a charm.

Gold Chain

The earrings were even easier. Dangle attached to jump ring attached to earring wire. All four pair were finished in less than five minutes.

Gold Chain


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