Cork Post Earring Display

Cork Post Earring Display

I really love my accessories, but as I’ve been clearing things out and displaying what I have left, I found a lot of items I forgot I had. Case is point, my post earrings.

I don’t own a lot of them, but the ones I do own were lost in my jewelry box. The tiny pearls were hiding under hook earrings, rings and watches. The irony is I have three necklaces that I haven’t worn because I didn’t have pearl earrings to go with them! So naturally I was ecstatic to find these earrings when I cleared out my jewelry box.

Not only was that a reason, but the more I put on display, the more I use. It’s easier to accessorize my outfits now that I can actually see everything I own. And it also helps me keep a list of the things I need to fill in the basics I’m missing.

This is a really easy project. It only requires a piece of wood, a glue gun and corks. Line ’em up and glue ’em and you have a brand new display. Mine is leaning against the wall on my jewelry table. If you want to hang your display on the wall, I suggest attaching the display to a picture frame and make it into art.

Cork Post Earring Display


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