Nail Polish Cabinet

Nail Polish Cabinet

On my quest to reclaim my femininity, I decided to stop hiding my nail polish. See, I’m all about visual. When I see things, I use them. That’s why my books are on display (otherwise I won’t read them), my utensils are in a basket (why I have 3 pizza cutters) and my closet doors stay open (finally stopped interchanging the same five work outfits).

I happened to luck up on some wooden crates at work. When I saw them it was like they were surrounded by a heavenly glow with fairy dust falling from the ceiling. Who would throw away such useful crates?? Seriously! I scooped them up and took them home.

Two evenings later, after I stubbed my toe on said crates, the idea hit me: use the smaller crate for nail polish! All the materials were right there for the making. At some point, when I’m a nail polish junkie, I’ll have to make a larger one, but for now, it fits my collection.

Construction was very…. haphazardly done. I found an old clip art that I printed for a shirt design and used Mod Podge to create a simple decoupage backdrop. Then, I simply secured the boards that came with the crate with small tacks to insure that they wouldn’t fall. I tested the first shelf and when the bottles stayed on, I finished the remaining two shelves. All total, this project took maybe an hour to complete. I’m considering painting it, but I haven’t found a color that speaks to me yet.

I love when a piece of trash turns into a treasure. And since I ‘built’ the cabinet and put the bottles and tools on display, I’ve actually kept my nails up. No more chipped polish days!

Nail Polish Cabinet


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