Santa Station – Craft Dictator (Guest Post)


Over the last few months, I’ve been making blogger friends. One of them is Cara over at Craft Dictator. It all started when I went to link up on Craft Frenzy Friday – where I’m a guest co-host this week – and saw that Cara’s projects are for the average woman like me. They didn’t require me to be B. Smith, but were still cute and functional.

We chatted a little and realized that we both wanted to post on each other’s blogs! We worked it out in our blogging calendars and today is her debut here. You can check out my Cranberry Therapy drink on her site too.

My name is Cara and my Blog is Craft Dictator!  I mainly do Crafting and DIY projects with some recipes through into the mix! 

I’m very excited to be guest posting here on Honesty’s Protegee and I want to thank Deauna for having me!  I think she has such a wonderful blog that I love reading!

Today I want to share a Craft Project which is actually an accumulation of a couple of my craft projects!  I decided when I was deciding how I wanted to decorate for Christmas that I wanted what I am calling a Santa Station!  Even though I don’t have kids I thought it would be fun to do one for my dog Foxy. 


I had already made a stocking, a holder, and some cute Christmas trees to go in my Santa Station but I need to make a small tray for the cookies and milk!  We started off by gathering the supplies.  We used a platter my mom had found at a estate sale, a piece of a chair that she had cut off, and two bases from a craft store.


My mom then attached the two bases to the spindle to make the base for the tray.


I painted the base red because I was going to paint the tray green.  I used a green metal spray paint to paint the top of the platter.


I then took some fabric I had left over from the Fabric Christmas Trees I made and decoupaged them onto the bottom of the platter.


I attached the platter to the base once the Mod Podge had dried with glue and my tray was done!


I added some cookies and milk and we were ready for santa!


I wanted to make it not just cookies and milk on a stand, so I added Foxy’s Stocking to my Christmas Sign and wrote Santa on it.  I wanted to make sure Santa knew where to go!  I then added my two little Fabric Trees for extra decoration! 


I’m really excited to finish my Christmas Decorating to go with my Santa Station now!  I think it will be a great place for Santa to get his treats and leave some fun presents!


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  1. A whole Santa station is such a great idea! I remember leaving cookies out for Santa when I was little and then leaving carrots beside them for the reindeer. You are motivating me to set up my own Santa station for my girls this year. 🙂

    Debbie @ One Little Project

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