Beer Bottle Candle

Beer Bottle Candle

It’s Halloween weekend. If you’re one of those people who threw a big blow out party, it’s possible you have plenty of beer bottles hanging around. Unfortunately, we didn’t throw any such party, but we do enjoy a good bottle of beer this way.

After cleaning out the last beer bottle in the kitchen, I wondered if I could take the many mini candles around the house and make them into one nice beer candle. After rounding up three tapers, 15 tea lights and one old dusty candle that had seen happier years, I started my experiment.

I found an old jar and started cutting the larger candles. Let me just say that cutting candles may be up there with sawing wood: lumberjack strength. I butchered my finger and then decided that maybe, just maybe, I should put the candle wax in the jar and let them melt naturally. The rest is really easy, but takes a bit of patience. I would suggest laying down paper to keep your surfaces protected.

As for the wick, I split the tapers down the middle – yes, this is where I cut my finger open – and saved them for the project. You may need to trim the wick to fit your finished candle, but it will save you money and a trip to the craft store.

Beer Bottle Candle


  • Candle wax or old candles
  • Wick
  • Stick for stirring
  • Beer bottle
  • Acrylic paint
  • Sealer (I used Mod Podge)
  • Label, optional

Add candle wax or old candles to your jar. Cut any large pieces so that they fit into the jar. Don’t overfill the jar with wax. Add more as it melts, if necessary.

Place the jar in a large, empty pot or pan. Slowly add water to the pot and turn the heat on high. As the water heats and the wax melts, stir with the stick to move the wax around and help any unmelted pieces melt.

Wrap the wick around a pencil or toothpick. Once the wax melts, dip the wick into the wax and secure it to the bottom of the bottle with the skewer, with the wick coming out the top. Using a dish towel to protect your hands from the hot glass, slowly pour the wax into the beer bottle. Allow the wax to settle. If you need to add more wax, pour more into the bottle to insure you have a complete candle shaped like the bottle. Let the candle harden for at least 8 hours, preferably overnight.

Once hardened, wrap the bottle in an old towel or pillowcase and break the bottle with a hammer. Take a brush or cloth and wipe any remaining glass pieces from the candle.

There are two ways you can paint the candle. You can purchase a candle medium to add to the acrylic paint or use acrylic paint alone with a sealer. Apply the first coat of paint. Let it dry completely and apply a second coat. Once the second coat is completely dry, seal with Mod Podge. If you have a label, apply the label during the sealing phase. Once it’s dry, you’ll have a candle that looks just like your favorite beer.

Beer Bottle Candle


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  1. What a creative idea! I never would have thought to turn old bottles into candles! We have lots of cool, old bottles that are just sitting around. I know how to use some of them now! Thanks!

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