Guest Post: This Ole Mom

I wrote my first guest post!

The post was about how I evolved as The Kid’s parent. Since the post was about us, I asked him to read it.

The Kid: You and I have two totally different takes on my childhood.
Me: Explain.
The Kid: Well, let me clarify: it went vastly awry starting the summer of 7th grade.
Me: How so?
The Kid: My childhood with you was about me having choices. You’d tell me to do stuff and I understood I was free to not do it and suffer the consequences, but I had a choice * I’m thinking ‘awesome Jedi mind trick I didn’t even know I was using!’* . My dad tells me what to do and I just have to do it. If I ask why, he just says ‘because I said so’. It drives me crazy.
Me: Um… okay. You make me sound kinda like a punk parent. Not sure how I feel about that….
The Kid: Oh no… by no means should you think that. You just explained things to me and I appreciated that. I had to live with whatever choice I made, even the punishments.
Me: Okay.
The Kid: It’s really well written though. I will say that.
Me: O_o

With The Kid’s quasi-approval, go check out the well-written post on This Ole Mom.


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