DIY DeVa: Dresser Bench – Part 2

Dresser Bench

After a week or so of testing, the dresser bench underwent a make-over. I kept sitting on it, trying to figure out what was off. Sitting. Scooting. Fluffing. Sitting. Staring. Thinking.

Then it hit me: the back needed to be removed and I had to sacrifice the dresser top as a sitting surface. Once I got past the fact that the kitchen table would be delayed even longer, I set about transforming Part 1 into Part 2.

Despite all the drama, the change was pretty simple: cut off the back and sides and glue the dresser top to the slats. It took less than 15 minutes, including fixing my first very-off cuts so I could glue the top on evenly and not have someone sit on one side, the top fly up and get smacked on the side of the face. I’m considering adding velcro to the pillows, but I think an easier fix would be to just cut a piece of that carpet stay stuff to put underneath them. Yeah… I like that idea.

I’m pretty sure this is the last go round, but just in case, don’t be surprised if there’s a Part 3 in the future.

Dresser Bench


2 thoughts on “DIY DeVa: Dresser Bench – Part 2

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  1. Subscribed from Transformation Thursday at The Shabby Creek Cottage.

    it’s good you are open to options that so often pop up in the middle of a project. You have made a wonderful project!

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