Our First Anniversary

1st anniversary

Saturday, The Hero and I celebrated our first marriage anniversary. I remembered the first year is the paper year so I wanted to make something around that.

I got the inspiration for this project on My Love For Words. I wanted to chronicle our journey together starting from day 1.

So what’s our history?

1st anniversary

I met The Hero in third grade. He was just a Hero-in-Training back then, but I liked him because he wasn’t afraid of anybody. I was wearing glasses back then, before glasses were cool. Way before. I secretly liked him though in that silly 8-year-old way. He didn’t give me too much thought though. Womp womp womp.


1st anniversary


I was home visiting family for Labor Day. My cousins and I decided to go out. I had recently wondered whatever happened to The Hero. Lo and behold, he was sitting at the bar. I went up to him and told him I knew him. He rattled off a few places and I decided to stop embarrassing myself and tell him from where. He was seeing someone at the time so we decided to be friends. After that break-up and a rough start for us, we realized we had a lot in common and decided to give it a go.


1st anniversary

After dating for about a year, we agreed to try living together. I’d already been married so the idea of doing it again was low on my list. Plus, I wanted to see if I could stand him on a regular basis. It worked.


1st anniversary

When we first started cohabiting, The Hero moved in with The Kid and me. After The Kid moved in with his dad, we decided we needed a place we chose together. It’s interesting to look for a place with another adult. We collectively had so many things we wanted in our place and were lucky to find one we really liked. The downside was it was near a college campus so we didn’t live there long.


1st anniversary

Sometime between 2011 and 2012, I realized I wanted to marry him. I wanted him to want to marry me, but all he would say is ‘I’ll do it if it makes you happy. I just want you to be happy.’ Frustration. When I got past my pride, I understood what he was saying and we met at the Justice of the Peace. Of course, it was casual Friday for me, but he came dressed up. Talk about feeling like an ass….


1st anniversary

That brings us to today. Seven years later, I can’t imagine being happier with anyone else. I love The Hero and I expect us to have many more years together.


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  1. ooooooh! congrats, old friend! this is wonderful news to have been reintroduced to your blog by! wishing you and hero many, many years of connected bliss!

      1. And here, I torn up two years later because I no longer know how to work WordPress. lol All is well here, and hoping all is continuing to be well with you. I’ve been keeping up with the blog when I can.

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