DIY DeVa: Dresser Bench – Part 1

Dresser Bench

At my core, I’m a Spartan. Until I got with The Hero, my house was always pack-ready. Not too many pictures or trinkets hanging around for me to be bothered with packing. The Kid’s small toys (which I always hated buying) were always in boxes or bins to reduce the look of clutter. My walls had huge vintage ad reproductions, but no small shelves or anything else to get in the way of the possibility we may need to pack up and get out immediately.

And no extra crap we didn’t need.

That’s how this dresser project came along. Since The Kid moved to his dad’s house, we really don’t have a need for the dresser anymore. I put my… um… delicates in it, but that was only two drawers of stuff. Besides the one door that sacrificed itself for the coat rack project, the other three drawers are empty. That left the craft room with a bulky, underused five-drawer dresser and nowhere for The Hero to sit when he comes in.

As if it were destiny, I stumbled upon this tutorial for repurposing the dresser while perusing link parties last week. Sitting space AND I can keep my intimates drawers? It’s on like Donkey Kong.

Since this tutorial is awesome, I’m not going to recreate it here. What I did differently was use slats for the bench seat instead of the dresser top because I expect to build a table from it for the kitchen (one day). It took most of the day Saturday and although it’s not completely finished, it’s at least a place for The Hero to sit down and talk rather than stand awkwardly in the middle of the room looking around.


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