Flaxseed Hair Gel

flaxseed hair gel

Picture this: Sally’s. Saturday morning. I just made it in the door before a straight monsoon started. I find my way to the back of the store to find the gel I had in my November Curl Box. I find every other option except for the wonderful conditioning pomade/gel/Let’s Jam twin I was quickly going through post-LocDown 2012. I pick up an industrial-sized container of olive oil gel. After paying for my products, I walk briskly back to the car (rain water was helping my hair soften up for the styling demos I was about to try).

Two days later, I’m at work going through my normal routine of checking e-mail while i make chocolate oatmeal and see:

How to Make Flaxseed Hair Gel

Are you kidding me?! Flaxseed hair gel? As in I can finally use the box of flaxseed for more than baking? Like, for real?

Then I remembered the 200-ounce jar of gel in the bathroom, unused and the receipt that was JUST recycled. Ugh.

That didn’t stop me from making the gel though. I figured the industrial stuff would still be there if I needed it in 2015, but the flaxseed had a shelf life and more than likely, the expiration date was coming pretty soon. So I started with a small amount of flax seeds and figured if I liked it, I could make more as I needed it.

It was fantastic! Seriously. It does get a little messy, but, seriously, if you’re reading my blog, more than likely you don’t mind getting dirty. I highly suggest soaking the seeds and using a piece of cheesecloth or other small-holed fabric for squeezing out the gel if you’re impatient like me. Or it could be that I was so fascinated by the gelling experience that I let it boil too long….

Flaxseed Hair Gel

What you’ll need:

  • 2 tbsp flax seeds
  • Water, enough to cover the seeds

Place the flax seeds in a bowl. Cover with water and let them soak for at least 12 hours, preferably overnight. I put mine in the water before I left for work in the morning and made the recipe when I got home.

After soaking in the water, the seeds will start to form the gel naturally. Add the seeds and gel to a small pan with just enough water to cover everything.

flaxseed hair gel

Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, stirring gently, until a thin, foamy gel starts to form. As soon as the seeds remain suspended in the gel and don’t sink to the bottom of the pot remove from the heat immediately and pour through the cheesecloth or a strainer. (Here’s a video of me trying to get as much gel from the seeds as humanly possible.) Immediately rinse the pot or it will be a beast to clean later.

At this point, you can add any ingredients you want to the gel. Stir to combine all the ingredients. It should be the texture of egg whites. Pour into a resealable container. Any extra gel you don’t use can be stored in the refrigerator.


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