The Birthday Vacation Recap

I’m back from vacation and happy to be home. While I had a great time visiting Baltimore and DC, there’s nothing like the slow-paced, routine life of Columbus.

If you follow me on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook some of these photos are familiar. Forgive me for the repeat, but I just don’t have the tenacity to sift through what I posted on the fly and what I didn’t. Plus, you’ll get to see the panoramic pictures I took with my new LG phone. So here we go… the five-day birthday vacation party.

On the road

Road Signs

My goal was to get all of the cool signs along the way. Unfortunately, passenger seat duties kept me from capturing some on the way. The one The Hero wanted was of Negro Mountain in Maryland, but we came home a different route and didn’t get to see the sign again. I didn’t know that the summit of Negro Mountain was the highest point in Pennsylvania. Thanks, Wikipedia.


We stopped to visit one of The Hero’s close friends and his family for a couple of days. It was H-O-T hot down there. The temp was 95, but felt like 100. Hotness! Once we convinced ourselves to leave the comfort of central air, we went to the Harbor.

Baltimore Harbor

The second day we escaped long enough to go to the African American Festival for a little while before we hit the road to DC.


Washington, D.C.

Saturday, we arrived in D.C. to visit the city and hang out with another of The Hero’s close friends (he has a lot of close friends) to celebrate birthdays (mine and his friend’s). Still hot, but for some reason not nearly as unbearable as Baltimore. We stayed at the aka Hotel on 17th, which was AWESOME.

DC Penthouse

Saturday was a blur. We went to dinner at The Hamilton. I didn’t take any pics because I was too busy enjoying my beef brisket platter. After dinner, we had fun at the pre-club hotel soiree, then went clubbing and at some point passed out from exhaustion. Sunday was eventful too: the hotel got the check-out dates mixed up, our car broke down and after walking 10 blocks, my shoe literally fell apart. All of the unfortunate events were remedied (hotel fixed the reservation, The Hero fixed the car and I fixed my shoe) and we decided that maybe we needed to slow down a minute and get some rest.

Monday we got up and decided to be quasi-tourists (The Hero will deny this). We headed to the first tourist spot we could find and got out in the heat to take a few pictures and at least say we toured some national places.

U.S. Capitol

The Botanical Gardens were close so we decided to tour and take pictures. I’m glad we did.

Botanical Gardens

These collages don’t do the plants justice. It was an awesome place to visit.

Botanical Gardens

After the Botanical Gardens we agreed we were a little homesick and made the drive back to Columbus. This was hands down one of my favorite birthday vacations to date.


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