Reflecting on 37 Years

Color Palooza

I love birthdays. I’m sure I’ve said that in birthday posts past, but I REALLY love birthdays. It’s my own personal holiday and I get attention and gifts for at least 24 hours. It makes a girl feel great.

Every year, I try to look at the year in review and see where I was and where I am. Here’s what’s happened since July 2012:

  • I got married
  • I finally took the blog seriously and started posting on a regular basis
  • I began cooking more and more foods from scratch
  • I started freelancing
  • I began the process of starting my own business
  • I worked with my great friend and self-love coach Akua at Let’s Pursue You to unleash the wonderfulness inside
  • I’m taking out my locs
  • I learned how to sew elastic
  • I made amends with my stepfather and father
  • I threw some stuff away that I’d been moving with me for YEARS
  • I read a lot of books (I stopped counting at 12)
  • I planted food and haven’t killed it yet
  • I grew plants and haven’t killed them yet
  • I accepted that my grand celebration in 2018 when The Girl graduates from high school will have to be postponed until 2025 when Bruiser graduates from high school
  • I finally felt comfortable around my in-laws
  • I embraced my feelings, even the ones that made me want to hide under a rock or curl up in a ball and cry for days

It’s been a good year and I look forward to many more with the people who make life such an interesting, loving and fun journey.


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