Perryn’s Naturals

Perryn NaturalI decided to write about a product that I instantly loved. While at one of the local festivals, I came across a vendor selling handmade soap. She was extremely nice and patient while I waffled between scents while The Hero impatiently waited for me to either buy something or keep perusing stands.

While the initial reason I even stopped at Perryn’s Naturals was because I love handmade soaps, the scents are what kept me hanging around. Perry had my favorite, lavender, which was a definite plus. Then I started smelling others and loved the orange and cherry almond varieties as well. She sold sample sizes of both, so I snagged one of each.

On top of being really great, the price wasn’t ridiculous. My full bar of lavender soap was only $5 (comparable to the Shea Moisture bar I buy from Target, yet almost twice the size of Shea Moisture). The orange and cherry almond sample bars were $.50 and $1 respectively.

I used the cherry almond bar almost immediately. The scent was just the right scent to linger on my skin after the shower, but not annoyingly so. I also didn’t suffer from ashiness like I do with other bar soaps. Granted we have cement for water, but it wasn’t nearly as bad using my new soap. The downside is that it was too strong for my face. Other than that, loved it.

Want to try a bar yourself to see what I’m talking about? Go to Perryn’s Naturals and see for yourself.


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