DIY Tomato Planter

DIY Tomato Planter

I’m all excited about growing some of my own food. The urban garden is really shaping up and I’m happy that my seeds have sprouted and the plants are still alive.

I finally weeded out the tomato seedlings that weren’t doing so well and narrowed them down to two. This past weekend, I started a new planter and repotted the spaghetti squash in its own tub and the basil, cilantro and oregano in another one.

Then I was stomped for the tomato planter. I didn’t want to deal with a trellis (actually it’s not a concept that I really can grasp) and really started trying to come up with a DIY option that would work. I remembered the topsy-turvy infomercial, but, you know, it’s an infomercial and for all that, I wanted to keep my money and figure it out myself because I’m a smart chica and I don’t like parting with my cash for something I can figure out on my own.

Then I saw this project on One Good Thing by Jillee:

DIY Topsy Turvy

I could do that! Well… it was a start. I wasn’t a fan of the trash can, but I AM a fan of ingenuity. I found a red tub I loved and converted it to a hanging planter. Granted my plant is puny compared to Jillee’s. I’m considering buying a tomato plant and letting this guy grow a little more in a smaller pot first.

DIY Tomato Planter


  • 1 large tub or bucket with handle
  • 1 or 2 heavy-duty hooks
  • Scissors
  • Potting mix
  • Tomato plant

Cut a hole in the bottom of the bucket or tub big enough for the leaves to thread through, but not for the plant to fall out. Mine was soft plastic, so it was easy to use scissors. If you have a hard plastic container, you’ll probably want to use a drill or saw.

Install the hook or hooks in the designated spot. Be sure to install the hook high enough so that the leaves get some sun.

Thread the tomato plant leaves through the hole. Cover with potting mix and fertilizer. Water the plant.

Hang the plant and have a refreshing glass of iced tea.

Check out the urban garden:

DIY Tomato Planter


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