The Urban Garden – Part 2

Urban Garden

Remember when I planted all the cute little seeds? Check them out on the ledge! I’m so stoked.

That, of course, only encouraged me to turn into Farmer Dee in that little 2-foot space. I went to the library to see what books I could find on container gardening. I had big, BIG plans to build a planter out of pallets, but the thought of finding a new set of pallets, hauling them in my mid-sized sedan and then storing again in the scary section of the basement, just wasn’t appealing. So I cheated.

I got a book called Easy Container Combos by Pamela Crawford to guide me in Urban Garden Part 2. Let me tell you this book is fantastic. It’s great for people like me who have a short attention span and want to get right down to business. And it saved me a lot of heartache and potential depression by advising me which plants to purchase for the warm and cool growing seasons (which explained why my spaghetti squash seed was still chillin’ in the dirt two weeks later).

Armed with knowledge, I set off to Lowes. The strategy was to buy plants of foods I buy often or don’t buy because they’re too expensive. In the container on the left I planted cucumbers in the middle surrounded by basil, lavender and mint. In the right container… peppers! Habanero and green and red bell peppers. Once the tomato plants on the ledge get a little bigger, I’m going to put them in a container all their own with a trellis and add the herbs (cilantro, oregano, and more basil) to the containers that look a little sparse.

What I like about this container gardening is whenever we move, I can pick it up and take it with me. No lost crops and no need to redo it in a new location. All I’ll need are the plants.

Urban Garden


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