Pallet Mail Storage

Pallet Mail Storage

The Hero and I bought bikes some time ago. I had big bike-riding dreams. I have yet to live them out.

That didn’t stop The Hero from riding though. And since he’s been riding, he started parking his bike upstairs. In the kitchen. In the narrow walkway. I needed a plan.

I got rid of the folding table (it’s a long story for the day I actually make the one on my inspiration board). It had become a junk magnet for mail and crap in our pockets, bags, and purses when we walked in the house. Since I know I have ‘junk’ issues, I decided I would nip it in the bud. Out with the table.

That freed up a parking spot for The Hero’s bike, but left a small stack of magazines I wasn’t ready to recycle and some mail that needed my attention. And that’s when I remembered…

I still have pallet parts left!

I ran downstairs to see what I could put together to make a mail storage container. I had a third ‘bookcase’ left from the wine rack project. I set up my makeshift workshop on the patio and started sawing and sanding.

An interesting thing happened though. The neighborhood kids came and stood in amazement at the gate. They started asking questions, so I explained what I was doing and they were amazed. Then they left, except for one girl. That’s when I looked up and told her ‘These are my power tools, not The Hero’s. Girls build stuff too.’ Yeah… we rock.

Pallet Mail Storage

To finish it off, I used my wood burning tool to name our sorter in honor of Grandmaster Melle Mel.


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