Refashion Fail

Refashion Fail

This is the last of the first set of refashions. And it was an epic fail.

I can’t even begin to tell you what I don’t like about this one. Could be that I was inches off on finding my natural waist. Or my boobs have become two sizes bigger than when I bought the shirt. Or it’s some sad form of peplum since it was my first go at trying to create a peplum top.

The only upside is I finally got past my fear of trying to sew elastic in a garment to create gathering. That I do perfectly. Just 4″ above my natural waist.


Anyway, here’s what the dress looked like before I took to it with the rotary cutter:

Refashion Fail

This isn’t all bad though. I actually am happy with myself for attempting it. And I wasn’t wearing the dress anyway, so no harm no foul.



    1. Thank you! It took me about two years to finally try sewing with elastic. I’d read plenty of tuts and watched videos, but I didn’t want to do it.

  1. Ahh every now and then it all fails and it sucks… Keep sewing though!! Every mistake is a lesson, blah blah 😀 xx

      1. Really?? Since I did it, I think I kinda understand the concept and was thinking about what I could try it on next. Lol.

      2. Really? Hmm maybe I need to kind of mess up on something I don’t really wear too then 😀

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