Chandelier Necklaces

Chandelier Necklaces

A long, long, LONG time ago I came across these beads from a trashed chandelier. I wasn’t sure what I would do with the beads, but like every other trash-to-treasure item, I put them in my stash and figured an idea would hit me.

Since I’ve been refashioning a lot of things, new color combinations are coming to me that I hadn’t imagined before. The downside to that is the glaring holes in my jewelry collection become apparent when I try to finish off the outfit with accessories.

I’d strung the beads to make statement necklaces, but I realized I didn’t have any ‘regular’ necklaces. What I did was just add a length of chain to each set of beads and voila! New necklaces

They’re really versatile. I wore the clear one with a pair of khaki capris and a striped tee. I can also see them adding an elegant flair to an outfit for a night out.


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