Another Dress Refashion

Dress Remix

I know. At this point you may be wondering how many dresses I own that were converted to shirts. This is one of the last two that I’ll post. Promise.

I had to convert this one though. It was a juniors dress so it fit kinda weird around the hips. I liked the bold print and figured an unusable, too-short dress would make a great spring work shirt.

This one was simple too. I took the black band off the bottom of the dress to retain the finished hem and simply pinned it closer to my waist. I did have to take it apart to match up the seams, but that didn’t take long at all. From start to finish, I’ll say it took 45 minutes and that includes me taking five minutes I spent looking at the two pieces trying to figure out the right way to pin them. It was 7 a.m. Saturday… cut me a little slack.

Dress Remix

I’m happy with the results. I wore it briefly this weekend with jeans and a blazer and then to work on Tuesday. Both ways looked great.

Dress Remix



    1. I know! I’m glad I finally realized I could save a lot of my clothing. Before I started repurposing, I would really be sad about giving or throwing away some items.

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