DIY Grill Tray

DIY Grill Tray

I’m the Grill Madam around these parts. When the grill gets fired up, I’m the one getting smokey.

Since we’re committing to be more aware of what we’re eating, we decided to up our fruit and vegetable intake significantly. We had some turkey hot dogs we bought before we decided to eat better and decided we would eat them and eliminate our current meat stash.

I didn’t want to waste good charcoal though and always wanted to try grilling some squash and green beans. I knew I needed a tray or basket to cook them in, but I didn’t want to pay for another one that wouldn’t make it through grilling season.

DIY Grill Tray
Grilled green beans are fantastic!

I’m sure you can see where this is going.

Some time ago, I was going to make magnet boards for the craft room and bought six small cookie sheets from Wal-Mart. They were $1 each. I never did make the magnet boards, but I did find other uses for the cookie sheets. The last one became a grill tray.

It’s super easy and took less than 15 minutes, the time it took for my fire to get nice and hot. I used a dry erase marker to draw the lines so they would come off when I washed the pan at the end.

DIY Grill Tray




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