The Urban Garden

Urban Garden

I’m finally fed up with throwing herbs away. After pitching a practically full container of cilantro, I figured it was time for me to put my DIY skills to work.

I’d been tossing around the idea of creating a small garden out on the patio. We get really bright sunlight right in front of the patio door and since I’m not out to plant a full garden, I think I can work with the sunny spot.

Then I had to figure out if I wanted to start with seeds or baby plants. Being adventurous, I started with seeds.

Urban Garden (2)

I bought these at Target in the Dollar Corner. I figure if anything goes wrong, I’m only out $3 (tomato kit not pictured).

I set out to create my little domes and found that there were WAY more seeds than the containers could hold. So I had to add the egg carton and plastic cups.

Urban Garden (5)

All total, there are approximately 40 possible seedlings that should grow some time in the next month according to the package. I hope they grow so I can cut cilantro and basil on demand and send The Hero to pick tomatoes when he’s complaining he can’t eat a salad without one.

Now if I only had a container big enough for the scary onions growing green arms….




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