Bottle Cap Coasters

Bottle Cap CoastersI had time on my hands one evening. And hundreds of bottle caps.

Why all the bottle caps? Well…. The Hero had a genius idea to start mass producing bottle cap bracelets. He gets so many questions about the one I made him years ago, that he figured there was a lucrative side business in selling the bracelets. He asked his bartender friend to drop off the bottle caps he collected at work. That was great until (1) The Hero realized it takes time to punch holes in all of those bottle caps and (2) I wasn’t on the bottle cap bracelet bandwagon.

So the bottle caps have been sitting in plastic bags on the floor in a dark corner of our room.

And this is when I realized I was bored.

I saw the bottle caps by accident. I also found a piece of cork. The hot glue gun was sitting right on the craft table so to waste a little time, I started randomly gluing bottle caps to the cork.

You can do the same thing. All you need are 9 bottle caps, a hot glue gun and something sturdy to glue the caps on.

It took me less than five minutes to make the uniform one and a little more for the random ones (since I didn’t want to repeat bottle caps). It will be a nice addition to a Man Cave.

Bottle Cap Coasters


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