Sundress to Skirt Refashion

Dress Refashion

I promised I’d be back with a project on Friday.

I knew that eventually warm weather would come so I refashioned a couple of items to be useful instead of sitting in my closet looking pathetic. (Check out my dress!)

One of the victims was this sundress. I think I’ve maintained a rather nice shape in the last 20 years. Having grown and birthed two humans, I can say that my late 30s body held up pretty well.

Unfortunately, gone are the days of leaving the house with nothing but a shelf bra. The girls have succumbed to gravity. This dress was the one item that made be realize that sad fact.

I loved the dress though and didn’t want to give it away. To salvage my favorite dress I turned it into a maxi skirt by cutting off the bra. Simple.

Dress Refashion

The shirt is also a refashion. Apparently my arms are still growing. When I bought this shirt, it fit fine. Now, it’s too short to be a full-length shirt and too long to be three-quarter length. Awkward. But after cutting off the sleeves (very carefully with tiny, sharp scissors), I made it into a lightweight tank.

If you haven’t looked in your closet for ways to refashion something, do it this weekend. You’ll be inspired.Trust me.


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