DIY Dishwasher Sand

Dishwasher SandThis was by far my most epic DIY fail to date. Like, for real. The. Worst.

I used my last Finish tablet on Friday. Earlier in the week, I read a post on how to make my own dishwasher tabs. Nice! I could potentially save money. I read the post and everything seemed easy enough to mix, so I gathered all the supplies and started mixing (click here for the recipe). Everything was fine until it was time to set them in the ice cube mold.

We have one ice cube tray. I don’t know why we only have one. Actually, we don’t really use ice. There may be a trayful or so in the bin at any given time, but the demand for ice around these parts is extremely low. You’d think that since we don’t really use ice, I would just follow the stinking instructions and use ice cubes, right?


I decided that I may want some ice before these tabs dry. I may need a cold drink tonight. The Hero may want his drink on the rocks, but we won’t have any rocks and the lone ice cube try will be holding dishwashing tablets. The possibility of needing that ice cube tray resulted in epic mold fail.

First, I tried my mini muffin pan. I lined them with mini cupcake holders and started filling. It took seven minutes to completely pack five mini tins. Seven minutes. And I’d barely dented the mixture.
Total time: the rest of the weekend

Dishwasher Sand

I figured it would take another four hours to completely pack all of the mixture and nixed that idea. Maybe I could pour all of the sand into a cookie sheet, cut it with a square cookie cutter and let it dry in squares. It all starts out great until it wouldn’t stay together in the tray.
Total time: Eternity 

Dishwasher Sand

And that’s when I decided that it would work just fine in its original sandy state, packed into the dishwasher’s detergent slot as I needed it. Enter the recycled container, a piece of plastic wrap and an old measuring tablespoon. I ran a test trial with two heaping tablespoons, about four drops of Dawn and a cup of vinegar poured into the bottom of the dishwasher and got fantastic results (read: no spots).
Total time: Commercial break

Dishwasher Sand   Dishwasher Sand


6 thoughts on “DIY Dishwasher Sand

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  1. I want to to thank you for this good read!!

    I definitely enjoyed every little bit of it. I have got you bookmarked to check
    out new stuff you post…

  2. omg how frustrating! I had a total heart brownie fail and it was the worst…didn’t stop me from eating the misshapen brownies though 🙂 Thanks for linking this up! I love it!

    1. Exactly! Not only was molding it a pain, there was powder EVERYWHERE after both unsuccessful attempts! I just didn’t want to be bothered anymore.

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