App Review: Evernote

EvernoteThe Hero and I were late to the Smartphone world. We both just got our first ones last year around July. Needless to say, I was totally and completely addicted to it immediately.

For the most part, I love being organized. I tried a couple different apps to keep my life in order, but they were all missing some component that would allow me to keep track of everything in one place instead of switching between apps to find pictures, voice notes, websites or notes I made to myself.

I stumbled across Evernote on accident. I was using another free app, but was only limited to five ‘spaces’ to organize everything and at that time I had seven different projects going on at once, not including my personal life. I needed to keep ideas separate, yet integrated and easy to find. That’s how I came across Evernote.

At first, it seemed like WAY more than I needed or wanted, but when I took a moment to play around with it on my computer, I realized it was easy and I could create as many notebooks as I needed to file all of my projects. Some of the things I like:

1. I can create formatted notes, with integrated pictures, Internet information and tags.

2. The note on my phone and computer look and function the same. I don’t have to worry about clicking a link in the note and it’s cut off. Or the text is covering the picture. Or tags aren’t a function on the mobile version. It’s perfect.

3. Formatting is like Microsoft Word so I can include bullets, bold, italics, or underline, increase or decrease the font size and highlight words using a different font color.

4. I can have unlimited Notebooks for storing my ideas.

What I would love to see added?

1. More grouping options. I wish I could see my notes grouped in tags on the mobile device as my home screen. Sometimes I want ‘dessert’, but I don’t want to scroll through my entire ‘Food: Recipes’ notebook.

2. The ability to share via text messaging on my phone. Sometimes I know that a project makes way more sense to The Hero if I show it to him. Unfortunately, it always happens when one or both of us aren’t near a computer. I’d like to be able to send my note as a link for him to check out. I could wait until I do see him and show him, but, why have a smartphone if I can’t send something right now?

In essence, I think Evernote is one of the best apps I’ve downloaded. Not only is it user-friendly, it makes staying creative and free-spirited, yet organized a lot easier.


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